Not connecting to engraver

Using Lightburn 0.9.18. many issues, also consider I am TOTALLY NEW at this.
I’ll start with the first issue today until I get this working. First of all Lightburn in the console says “Waiting for connection”. I am connected at 115,200 baud and it is using COM5 for a port. Shouldn’t it be working?
I really need help getting this working.
Thanks ahead of time for any help you can provide.
Ease remember, I am a newbie, and I don’t know where to find anything YET. lol

Start here and walk through the setup and new user processes. Then let us know if you are still having issues, and we can go from there:

I went through the software so and it seemed to go ok. I’m still getting a ‘waiting for connection’. And cannot get it to connect at all.
A second problem is that when I plug in the power to the laser, it lights up all the time and never shuts off unless I unplug it. Not normal? I hope you all can help me work out the bugs in experiencing. Thanks all.

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