Not cutting all the way through

Help. I’m not getting the laser to cut all the wat through in spots. Setting:
Speed- 5
Power max- 30
Power min- 30

try more power, or slower speed

I tried power 60 and it still did it but it was a smaller spot.

“5” isn’t a speed, but 5 miles per hour is, as is 5 inches per second, 5 mm/second, 5 mm/minute, etc. Without units, the number doesn’t mean anything.

The reason I say that is that if you’re trying to run in inches/sec mode, “5” would be really fast (about 125 mm/sec).

You also haven’t said what power of laser you have, or what material you’re trying to cut through. If you have a 50 watt laser and you’re trying to cut paper, you should have no problem. If you’re trying to cut 3/4" plywood, that would be much more difficult.

We have a section in your user profile where you can enter your machine info (‘Machines’) so we don’t constantly have to ask, but yours appears to be gibberish.

Sorry. Just got my laser this week.
5 mm/sec
BOSS LS 1420 70w
1/8 plywood

Did you set both min power and max power, or just max power? If you only changed max power, that’s why.

Yes I have the min and max the same. I’ll double check when I get home

Yes the settings are the same

If you’re cutting ‘Home Depot plywood’ this is likely just the wood. Plywood contains all kinds of crap in the interior - glues, patches, fillers, etc. You’ll occasionally see the beam get really bright and throw sparks in an area that doesn’t cut through when you hit a void that was filled.