Not cutting files wriiten in version 1.06, but if I import a file from version 1.04 it will cut

I operate a OMtech 80w red n blk laser about 2+yrs. old. I have a strange issue I cant figure out. All is working well until I try version 1.06, using 1.04 previously. I write files in 1.06 and it seems to have its own environment when it come to cutting. I cut birch ply 3mm and V1.06 will only score at 30max/28 min power at 11 spd. and not cut thru, even multi-passes. Here is the strange part, if I am using V1.06 and open a file written V1.04 delete all data and import file written in V1.06 it will cut like it should at same cut settings as above. What am I missing or lacking. Its some times confusing in my writing and saving of files.
Let me know if you need additional info from me.

fixed…new computer

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