Not cutting size in file?

It just started doing this, enlarging the cut on the Y, I was trying to print 9 of them and the frame was way off so I only did 6, and since then just one, and all have increased the Y dimension to 4.25 and is just under the 3.5 set. Tried with USB cable and with USB thumb drive with same result. Have closed the program and reloaded. Have rebooted laser. I have not rebooted my computer. This file I printed many times in the past, no clue what the heck.

xx.lbrn2 (264.6 KB)
That is the file

tried reboot computer, different files, the Y axis is so messed up when I frame it slams into the front of the laser.

Do you accidentally have your rotary enabled?

Hank has a good eye. :wink:

Nope that was the first thing I checked

Well I am very sheepish, I just checked again and the rotory WAS enabled. I haven’t used it for days and no clue how it got enabled

It’s on in your first screen shot.
Edit: heh, you found it. :slight_smile:

LOL I guess the macular degeneration is worse than I thought.

Don’t think that you’re the first one that’s happened to. Sometimes I think the rotary fairy’s sneak in at night and turn mine on.
Anytime there’s something wacky with y axis scaling it’s the first place I check…

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