Not cutting through 1/8 basswood

Hi, should it take 20+ passes to cut through basswood that’s 2mm thick to 1/8” birch plywood. I have air assist. I have tried different speeds, and adjusting the height of my laser from 60mm to closer. Do I have something wrong in my settings?

Thank you

I think focus is not correct. 2-3mm is very thin even 5w diode laser can cut it. How much output of your laser?

Not sure where do I find that

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Ok so I figured out adjusting focus and got the smallest dot I could and that doesn’t seem to help

S value max is 1000?

Yeah it matches the other setting and I can’t think of which one

That’s a 6 watt output diode. Really nice piece of kit. If I had the budget and space for a rig like that, I’d be in hog heaven!

I would only use that head for engraving and veneer cutting, but it should do 2mm basswood with appropriate settings. Unfortunately, I have no experience with laser of that power, so can’t really help.

Withy 20 watt. I cut 2mm basswood ply at 550mm/min & 85% power in single pass. I’d guess I’m only putting down about w2.5 - 3x as much energy due to optical losses and a larger spot, so I’d think a 6W could the same at approx 200mm/min & 100%…but that’s just a guess.

Has OPT been able to provide any guidance? I would hope their service would be better than a Chinese outfit.

Based on the tech specs for that head, it appears your focus should be 55-65mm from aluminum diode housing to workpiece. I believe they recommend defocusing (usually that would be increasing distance) for work like you’re describing…so maybe 65-70?

I tried this forum first but will reach out to Opt.I will try the 200mm/min and increasing to 65-70mm.

And you’ve checked and cleaned your lens?

Yes i have

My 10w cuts 3mm basswood 500mm/mm 100% power, 3 passes.

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I cut 1/8 birch plywood with my neje 3 max, speed 180mm power set at 85%, depending on the glue used for the plys sometimes it doesn’t cut all the way through.

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