Not cutting what is on the screen

Need help! It is right on the screen but then off on the production. Smoothie controller, I have cut other things without an issue

Is this the only job where this occurs or do you occasionally see this with other jobs as well?

The obvious thing would be that you’re missing steps somewhere. Can you confirm that your preview looks correct?

I’d suggest you look for something mechanical first. Check for belt tension on the Y-axis in particular. Also make sure that the pinion gear is well secured.

If not mechanical it could be that the steppers are moving too rapidly during traversal moves and losing steps. Look at reducing Max speed and/or acceleration especially for the Y-axis.

Those red lines running at 100mm/sec are likely the problem. Slow down so you don’t exceed the physical ability of the steppers to hold position. You’re likely skipping.

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I will give it a try on Monday thanks!

The preview looks fine, will take staff recommendation below but will chck belts to be sure, thanks for the reply

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