Not engraving horizontally - Marlin

Hi all! I’m a hobbyist who knows just enough to be dangerous.

So I added a 1.5W 12V laser to a standard 3D printer running Marlin. And it works in Lightburn! Sort of. It seems like horizontal fill areas aren’t being engraved.

My gut tells me that the software is sending “rotary cutter” type commands which “spin up” or “spin down” the laser but don’t fire continuously. But I can’t find any settings to change. Please see the attached image. Single spots and vertical lines seem fine but horizontal lines are low/no power.

Thanks for any help or pointers!

Might be better posted here

Someone will probably move it for you.

There are plenty of ways to configure the marlin…

It’s turning on and working in some places, seems like it’s a configuration issue…

Good luck

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