Not Engraving letters straight

Having issues with my letters not printing in straight line. Is this a software glitch or with my machine?

What have you checked or tried?

Is this new to you, the laser I mean? Did it ever work correctly or did it just start randomly, perhaps after an update? Does engrave properly with GRBL?

Did you check the belts?

That looks like a stepper motor issue or a busted tooth or something along these lines.

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Thank you. I’m new to this. Some projects work fine, others have this occur…

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Please answer the other questions, and or try them. Also either drag and drop the file that you are using into the reply or upload it in the reply. That way we can see what’s going on here. But if you are brand new to this, check the tightness of your belts, and the rollers that it rides on. Most have eccentric bolts nuts etc that you turn and it will tighten. Not sure about yours.

Thank you everyone, my gear wheels were not on tight enough and slipping, I also tightened the belts.

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It’s usually minor things like this. Welcome to lasering.

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