Not engraving several passes


I have no clue why the pink 23 layer is not carving completely. On the original SVG it carved well. I need to change tthe image a bit because of the size being carved. added a couple of layers and this. Any help would be appreciated.

does the same thing on smaller bees

Looks like to me that the abdomen of the insect is on one layer and the rest of the insect is on a different layer entirely. Make sure all of the insect is on a layer set to output.


That might be the reason.


I thought this initially too. But don’t believe that’s layer 23. I suspect that may be the layer that the portion of the insect not burning is actually on, however.

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Aha, Yes I jumped before I looked close enough.

Does the layer look greyed out to you, like it is turned off??

EDIT - nope, I’m wrong again


I think the abdomen is on layer 23 and the rest of the insect is on the layer that you called out rightly is at 0% power. But speculating based on the apparent color, preview, and stated symptoms.

no sir neither

Are you saying the issue is not that those shapes are on a layer not set to output?

If so, can you upload the .lbrn file for review?