Not engraving the bottom part


I recently bought an Ortur Laser Master V2. I love it when combined with Lightburn, very easy to use.However out of no where I am getting annoying problems. For a while everything worked just fine,but nowadays when I engrave a text, it doesn’t finish the bottom part. It makes it like a straight line, which destroys the beauty of it.There is a 1 mm missing part when i use Absolute Coords, when I use Current position it is even worse, there is a 2-3 mm missing part

I don’t know if this is because of hardware or software issues but if anyone knows a solution please help

That sounds like a comms problem.

Buy a quality USB cable with at least one ferrite choke - Belkin make good ones.

A friend of mine bought the same model as I did and he is having a similar problem so, it is possible but I think it might be laser related, not so sure

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