Not engraving the position im asking it too?

hi all I have a neje master 2 plus laser and using lightburn but totally new too this .
so ive installed neje driver correctly then lightburn has auto found laser and input limits correctly ye .
now I write text on screen and say centre this but when I go to engrave the laser just goes to the end fully then starts engraving how do I get this in correct position please thanks

Do these 3 things and then retest:

  1. home the laser
  2. after homing, do not move the machine by hand, use jogging controls exclusively to move the laser head
  3. change “start from” mode in Laser window to “Absolute Coords”

Retest. Do you still experience the issue? If not, always follow the first 2 rules. Stick to the 3rd until you’re well comfortable with your laser to experiment with the 3rd.

Great that seems too have worked for me thank you very much , last question is there a setting for cutting or do i just engrave something more times that way it cuts thanks

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The cut settings are modified in the Cuts / Layers window. You pick the appropriate operation and speed/power settings for the desired effect.

To better get an understanding of the right settings for a given material I suggest you familiarize yourself with the Laser Tools->Material Test tool.

Furthermore I’d highly encourage you to review the Documentation to better understand LightBurn.

LightBurn Software Documentation

hi there I followed your steps and that works ok but my problem now is I think the x and y are flipped as say I laser a circle in bottom left when I do frame test its going to the right corner but also the image is flipped too any ideas what settings I need to change please

Take a full screenshot of LightBurn and post here. Also, can you confirm the model of your laser?

It sounds like you need to change your Origin in your ‘Device Settings’. You can find this setting by going to ‘Edit’ > ‘Device Settings’, or by clicking the wrench icon in your top menu bar.

The ‘Device Origin’ setting controls the orientation of what gets sent to your laser. If you have the origin for the device set incorrectly, your output will be mirrored or upside down when run.

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