Not enough extend space issue


I am having an issue with the below file, The First layer (Green) cuts fine but when it changes to the next layer i get the Not enough space error. The strange thing is i can turn off the green layer and resend to the machine and then complete the whole job. Any Ideas?

Move your work farther from the edge of the machine.

When you scan (fill) something, the laser head needs space to accelerate up to speed at the beginning of the scan line and to decelerate to 0 and change direction at the end. This additional head travel past the boundaries of your drawing are the “extend space” and depending on your speed and acceleration may be an inch or more.
The controller thinks you are going to crash past the machine boundaries on the green layer (which is your widest fill layer).
It doesn’t happen on the red cut (line) layer because the laser follows that path exactly and doesn’t scan beyond it.

Thanks for the reply but It does the green layer no problem then when it moves to the yellow i get the no space error. This is what i dont understand as the yellow layer is narrower. Also it does the layer fine after i continue with the green turned off.

Hold Shift and click the green layer. Does the selection ONLY include the stuff you think it does?

Yes, It appears to Select all of the Green Text and nothing else

Can you email that file to so I can have a look? Include a link to this thread.

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