"not enough extended space" error

Hi Guys,
I am new to Lightburn and trying to get it going on my Blue and white 60w.
I have set the origin at the top left corner of the machine.When I cut a shape it it runs 100%. It does the cuts and comes back to the origin. When i try engrave a image it moves to the center of the bed, does half a pass, stops and gives this error. “not enough extended space” -the image i am trying to engrave is only 80 mm x 80 mm. AM i missing a setting?

Check your drawing for objects on that layer by choosing select all for that image layer. You may have something that is off the machines area.

It could also be too close to the edge and doesn’t have enough room to slow down so gives that error

The “extend space” error means that you don’t have enough space on the sides of the design to speed up and slow down. Ruida overshoots the design (also called overscan) and the faster you engrave the more room it needs for this.

Try moving the design about 10 or 20mm from the side of the machine and run it again.

Thanks Guys…all sorted.

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