Not exporting SVG of text converted to Path

I was just trying to export an SVG of an LB project to import into another tool. The LB image is comprised of a few simple vectors and some text (created in LB) and converted to a path.

I selected everything and exported to SVG

When I imported the SVG in the other tool I got all the simple vectors, but the text was missing.

I then tried creating a new LB project and importing the newly created SVG into LB. Again I got everything except the text.

Is there an issue with exporting path text to an SVG?

Did you export the text, or did you “Convert to Path” on it first? If you did the latter, it should work just fine. The pending release does fix a few issues, and it’s possible this is one of them.

I created the text in LightBurn and then converted it to a path.
I attached the LRRN file I tried to export as SVG

Morgan - Cutting Board.lbrn (313.0 KB)

It immediately tells me “Can’t find the font ‘Quicker Demo’ on this system”, so I don’t think you did what you think you did. :slight_smile:

If you grouped first, you might have to ungroup to convert to a path.

Quicker Demo is the font I downloaded for the customer.

The text converted to a path perfectly, that was not the issue, The issue was that the converted text path did not export with the rest of the vectors into the SVG file.

I’m trying to tell you that it’s not a path at all, but still grouped text objects:

Because it’s not auto-converted when exported, it’s just skipped, and that’s why it doesn’t appear in the exported file.

Yes, you are correct. That version of the file contained the raw text, I had not converted it to a path. Sorry for the confusion. In my next version of the file I had converted the text to a path to adjust the character spacing a bit.

I just did the path conversion for that text and it did export to the SVG as expected.

But I am still glad I asked the question, I was not aware that raw text would not be exported into an SVG.

Part of the reason for it is that LightBurn automatically welds the text, and that’s not supported by InkScape. I have code in place to test exporting of proper text, but I still need to get the positioning right. Auto-converting it to paths preserves the welding, but means it’s not editable, so I might make that an option once I have text export working correctly.

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Thanks for your help.