Not finding my laser

Just downloaded the trial version and completed the instructions for find my laser. It did not find automatically. Also the Meterk 4.1T laser does not appear in the list for selection. The software that came with it is SCarve 4.1 and not a great software. Laser works fine. i do not know if it is GRBL or what.
The following are the specs:
Model: DK4.0 ( Wireless dual template)
Head: 20W
Material of Machine : Aluminium Alloy+Acrylic
Main Color: Black
Power Supply: AC Output 5A
Connection Method: WiFi / Cable
Data interface: USB
Supported Formats: jpg / bmp / png
Screw: T8
Carving Space: 170200mm / 6.69inch x 7.87inch
Supported OS: Above Windows XP system / above android mobile phone 4.0 system
Supported Formats: jpg, png, gcode, etc
Engrave Mode: Image Engraving, Text Carving, Contour Carving, Pixel Carving
Carving Object: wood, bamboo, paper, plastics, leather, rubber, Acrylic etc.
Product Weight: 1.8kg/ 3.97lb
Product Size: 33
4012cm/ 1315.7*4.7in

My laptop is running Windows 10 Home 64 bit system.

In reviewing the tutorials of Lightburn, I would really like to use this software.
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You are going to need to determine what controller board and the current firmware installed first. My guess is this system has a custom firmware that we do not recognize. Do you see any information displayed in the software supplied, when you first start things up? Do you have a link to this system we could review?

Good afternoon Rick,

Thank you for your prompt response and sorry for my delay.

This link is to a google photos page with two pictures of the board.

Link to the page describing the purchase.

Thank you,

Terry Jones RN, USAF, Ret.

Additional comments as I can only place 2 links as a newbie.

When I pull the screen down in the opened software, this is what I see behind the working page.

The software in the purchase of this laser. The PDF is the “Detailed introduction to software functions .pdf” It is called SCarve. Site found from internet search. Their screen does not match what my screen looks like.

One more link.

Thank you in advance for any assistance


Yes, after review, I do not see anything listed that clearly states support for one of the firmware we support.

You might want to look into the free version of a software called T2, which might allow you to flash your board with something we support.

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