Not finding open lines set to fill

I’m not finding my open lines in this image - attached.
Some of the dotted lines look different - this screen shot doesn’t show it well but if the attached file is opened and the “marching ants” are observed, it looks to me like they appear different. Typically this indicates an anomoly in that area but I’m not finding it. Honestly, I’ve not found the tools “Select open shapes”, “Select open shapes set to fill”, or “Close path” and “Close selected paths with tolerance” very helpful in this situation, though, admitidly I’ve not taken time to understand how these tools work. I’ll do that along with this post.
Open Shapes.lbrn2 (32.7 KB)

Image of the difference in the dotted lines

Looking at your file, I find the following.

Here is how I fixed this. :slight_smile:

‘Edit’→’Select All’, then hit ALT+J to ‘Auto-Join’ these paths.

You could also use the ‘Node Edit’ tool to drag the specific node away, then drag back and allow the node to snap back in place to close the path.

2023-04-19_11-03-43 (1)

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Thanks Rick. Always helpful advice. It wasn’t too long before you replied that I took a look once again and noticed the direction of the moving dots were moving opposite directions based on where the issue was. I was able to pinpoint that and used Alt+J to unify those lines. I hadn’t realized the moving dots are also helpful to pinpont the issues. Your assistace is no less appreciated despite me solving the issue just before your response.


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