Not Homing On Start


I have a BIGTREETECH SKR V1.1 running smoothieware on my K40, as far as I can see nobody has used this board before on a laser.

Mostly it works but I have a question, when I connect to LightBurn It doesn’t home automatically. If I go to Devices, then press ok (to refresh the USB connection), the console spits out the following but the machine doesn’t move.

Waiting for connection…

None of the ‘home’ buttons on the ‘move’ or ‘laser’ windows will home the machine (however these buttons do send the machine to X0 Y0 where ever that is set)

If I manually send a G28 XY through the console then the machine homes as expected at the top left.

It’s possible that LightBurn issues the home command early, before the board has fully booted, which would explain why you see “Homing” before “Smoothie”. I’ll have a look at that code and see if I can change the sequence without breaking anything.

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Great thank you, :+1:

In the updated software I noticed that you attempted to fix the issue but unfortunately it still hasn’t fixed my issue.
I have to manually send $H when I start up LightBurn.

I still see “Homing” before “Smoothie”


Unfortunately the fix broke literally everything else. There are cases where Smoothie doesn’t send “Smoothie” when I connect - for example, if it was already running and active before. I do now wait until I receive a response of some kind from the board, so the fact that shows “Homing” before you see “Smoothie” may just be from the queued nature of the comms.

What board / hardware are you running Smoothie on?

Sorry to hear that the fix caused lots of issues.

Version: Build version: edge-d82d66f, Build date: Sep 11 2018 16:24:51, MCU: LPC1768, System Clock: 100MHz

I hope that helps?