Not in focus low detail in overlay

Is there a way to focus the camera, mine seems to be out of focus. I think I probably should have opted for a less degree lens

Focus seems off to me. Any help will be apprecated. Calibration appears pretty much on laser pointer goes to the location its supposed to.


The camera is manual focus. There’s usually a small dot of hot glue holding the lens at the factory set focus, but if you hold the base of the camera assembly (not the board) and twist the lens with some force, you should be able to move it.

I didn’t initially realize these were “locked” like this, so I’m going to ask the maker if they can skip that part easily for the next round.

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I mounted my camera using a combo of methods that were listed I basicaly made a clamshell of two pieces of acrylic and engraved deep enough to hold the card in place. It also had an additional inlay for the square portion of the camera. I was able to break the glue free with just a tad more force than I was comfortable using. I have not hooked up my laptop yet as I am at work. (my machine resides at my place of business) I will report back if all is functional.

No one was around so I sneaked back and tested. All is good and a quarter turn made all the difference in the world. Also my light bar in my laser seems to wash out the image. It looks better with the light off fyi

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The top image is yesterday the bottome image is today. I did discover that now my alignment seems off buy about 1/4 inch. I assume focus affected it. So should I recalibrate then realign or just realign.


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Just linking the follow up to this in the other thread:

awesome - I need to do this to mine! I have been wondering why its so blurry!

After reading this, I rechecked mine, found a tiny phillips screw holding the focus. Now I just need to find out how to set the resolution.

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