$$ not opening options in Console

Hello. I used the trail version and was able to engrave some awesome images. The trail expired and I’ve upgraded to the full version, but now the laser won’t turn on when using the fire option, and won’t turn on while printing. I had this problem initially with trail version, but was able to go into the console tab and enter $$ to access the value option. Now when I type $$ while in the console tab it just says “ok.” I’ve added a screenshot. Is there another way to access the $ options, or a reason this is happening?Processing: lightburn screenshot $.png…

You need to provide more details. Which laser? Can you access the Machine Settings via menu?
Did you try to restart everything?

It’s a no name brand Chinese printer I’ve used for a few years. I restarted everything, several times. This includes unplugging and replugging. All connections are fine. I can access machine settings from the tabs at the top, but can I access the $ parameters from there?

At the top, these are the device settings. Check the Edit-menu at the bottom. The last one of the three settings items there is the machine settings option.

This is what it shows from Machine Options.

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