Not possible to set origin

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I am using LB in my custom totem S 5.5 engraver. The machine has no limit switches and I am facing a problem that seams to be a common to many users.

when i place the laser head somewhere in the working area and hit “set origin” LB is not resetting X,Y to 0,0 as i would expect

to reset X,Y the only one way is to close LB and restart program and everything…this is not intuitive in my opinion and i ended crashing machine head against the frame a few time in the attempt to reset the position…

Is there a way to RESET xy to where i am without restarting everything ?


The coordinates you see next to the Get Position button are the current coordinates reported by your machine. The Set Origin button sets those coordinates as the job origin location, if you are using ‘User Origin’ mode.

See these resources for additional explanation on using Set Origin in conjunction with User Origin mode:

There are two methods to home machines without limit switches. One is, as you’ve discovered, restarting the machine (you should also physically move the laser head to the bottom left corner when it’s off), and the other is jogging your laser head to the bottom left corner and then entering commands in the Console window to tell your laser ‘this is 0,0’. You can read more about that here:

Yep… I’ve complained about that also, but to no avail.
Seems so easy to just add a button and have it reset X Y zero.

This isn’t an option … seems like an easy fix, but then you’d have to track both the absolute and some user defined position, relative to the machines position.

Good luck


I would respectfully disagree with you.
As an example, I use Picsender as the controller for my CNC machine.
I can jog the machine that I want and then click to zero out X Y Z position.
This is the same machine that I have a laser head for.
When I turn on the machine, it does not go through a homing cycle. I did not install limit switches because I simply don’t want them. As I said, I simply jog the machine to where I want it and then zero it out.
Again, I think it is very feasible.

To expand on what Jack said, clicking on a “Show Zero” button would change nothing in your benefit. The display is showing what GRBL is reporting to Lightburn. Those numbers showing are part of GRBL computing the machine position, and ultimately the machine limits. GRBL is in control, not Lightburn. The only way Lightburn can help is by sending a G92 to GRBL. This way, GRBL continues to know where the machine limits are located. It is imperative that the physical locations are known if there are no hard-limit switches to protect the machine.

I may be wrong, but I do not think Lightburn is a machine controller. It is a G-code generator. Kind of like a CAD + CAM system.

Am I missing something here?
Lightburn controls my machine the same way Picsender controls it when I’m using the CNC.
The only difference is that lightburn controls my laser and Picsender controls it when I’m doing 3D work on wood.

My cnc machine would allow me to zero the display, but the generated gcode would create relative moves most of the time and when it had to go somewhere quick it would create code using absolute coordinates and compute the offset based on where you had it zeroed.

The closest thing I know of in Lightburn, the origin that you can set…

Good luck


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