Not sure if overscan is causing this

I’ve had this issue pop up at random when doing tumblers. The beam seems to stay on just a little bit longer than it should, but it doesn’t do it all the time. I’m not sure if I should be leaving overscan on or not, (at times it’s on by default when I check the settings for that line) and being so new to this I’m not sure when it’s appropriate to leave it on or turn it off. In the image it appears that the beam has stayed on (beyond the fill area) for slightly less than 1mm (and oddly enough the overscan is set to .8mm or 2.5%), and it does it in both directions (but not always). I’ve also been leaving constant power mode off (at Gil’s recommendation) and I don’t know if that’s also having an impact the overall engrave quality. My tumblers used to look better than this, I’m just at a loss as to what I’ve done to get things in this state, and I really don’t want to muck up anymore tumblers. On a happier note, my cutting boards are looking pretty good. I’m including a picture of the preview, and one of the problem areas.


How do you hold the cup when doing this engrave? It looks like the cup might be slipping on the rollers when changing direction.

I have a lathe style rotary. It’s supported on both ends. I have an OLM2 Pro, the rotary is an Endy 250 (made in the UK by James Fewster) and I’m running at 2000 mm/m & 45% power and I do not use flood fill. I know it takes a little longer that way, but I don’t want to sling the tumbler around as it’s engraving. After doing some research it seemed like my original settings of 1500 & 60 may have been too hot and too slow, so I made some adjustments. The 45% power is giving a clean engrave at 2000 but, as you can see, there are lines that don’t belong. I wouldn’t think that 2000mm/m is too fast, but it may be. The funny thing is that some areas are ok, and some are not.

If you are wondering about the shift in the image on the tumbler in the picture, I didn’t have the tumbler fully seated on a newly printed GT2 pulley, and after a few minutes the compression from the tailstock pushed it the rest of the way in. This lasering stuff is hard!!!

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