Not traveling probably!

So when im moving the everything manually everything moves perfectly. But when im trying to burn my x axis gets jammed. Its not making sense why. Is there something in lightburn im doing wrong?

It did the six rectangles moved up did the other 6 rectangles then did the outline perfectly. So when it moved down to do the bottom shape the 3 rectangles are now it the wrong spot.
Only when “traveling” is when it screws up and slips gears

This appears to have the symptoms of ‘Lost Motion’.

The traverse speed (laser head travelling when not using the laser) is often set higher than the engrave speed. Speed itself doesn’t usually cause lost motion but acceleration does. The faster speeds create more time for acceleration.

I haven’t played with an MKS board yet. Please screen-cap the pop-up window that appears when you click Edit - then Machine settings.

Please note that the final drop-down for ‘Outputs Setup’ may be hidden and that you’ll need to click the small arrow to see speeds and accelerations. I’d like to see what the current numbers are. :slight_smile:

Minor adjustment of those parameters will probably resolve this.

Problem solved!

My acceleration was set to 6000, i switched it to 2000

Yay no more slipping gears!

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