Notes field in QR Contact dialog

I’m using Lightburn 1.0.06 on Windows 10 and each time after entering text into the “Note” field on the contact tab, after pressing OK and then subsequently editing the QR code again, the text in the notes field has been removed yet all the other fields remain populated.

It’s possible to see the note in the Raw Content the first time you click on the tab after editing it but after clicking on the Contact tab the QR code pattern changes and removes the note field.

My notes did not contain any special characters, and I was under the 2000 character limit for the QR code. Is it possible this is a bug where the notes field doesn’t persist in the same way that all the other contact fields do? It’s the only text box on that tab that behaves this way.

I can confirm this behavior.

Windows 11
v. 1.0.06

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I’m on Windows 10 and 1.0.06

[Edit] - I have replicated the issue.

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OK great, apologies if I wasn’t clear in the first post. As you’ve probably discovered, at its simplest the question is, “Why do all fields except Note persist?”. The part about raw content was more to see if the text made it into the makeup of the QR code at all (it does).

Yes, that is the question. :wink: I have also been able to reproduce what you are seeing in both 1.0.06 and our latest beta running on macOS. I’m generating a report for the team, including a link to this post for context and sharing back once resolved. Thanks all for reporting. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much! Haven’t been a user long but I’m enjoying Lightburn a lot. Thanks for the support!


This is fixed for the next release. Basically the notes field was a later addition and when entering the ‘Contact’ page, it wasn’t being populated.

I’ve also made it so if you switch to ‘WIFI’ or ‘Contact’ and you haven’t entered anything for those fields, it won’t wipe out the previous content.

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