Nothing happens after hitting start

Lightburn will frame the job on my screen. I hit start and it shows busy for 30+ minutes. After it gets to 100%, nothing happens

Interesting in that it frames the job but then does nothing. Have you selected your burn/cut layers? Did you lose comm with the USB buss?

When we try and help, it’s nice to have some kind of background on the device. Troubleshooting takes a different path if this has never worked, compared to if it was working.

If it works on the supplied software package but doesn’t with Lightburn.

Did you follow the setup for a grbl device? If not was there another guide you followed?

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I have cut/layers I am trying to do a material test

It moves when I turn it on. Like I said it will move when I hit frame. When I push start it has a long estimate to process. It finishes processing and nothing

It will work with the X-tool software

it is an xtool D1
2 x 12 test.lbrn2 (18.5 KB)

Mine is not an Xtool but there is no estimate process at all. When I touch start, it just starts and does so immediately. Now mine is a grbl based controller and I do not know if the xtool products are or are not. I would consider deletion and reinstalling the full software, then re-calibrate.

Uninstalled and reinstalled
Same issue, I hit frame and it frames. I hit start Laser busy for however long. Goes through process, then nothing. I have done a couple things on xtool creative spaces. But that doesn’t do enough different things to use

The framing may be at different coordinates from the actual job if you are using a red pointer light for framing and have enabled the pointer offset in Device Settings. This can cause problems if you are starting the job too close to the left hand edge, since the actual job will (typically for an XTool D1) try to start 16mm further to the left.

Check that your settings are similar to those in the picture below. Here, the pointer offset is disabled, and instead ‘Laser on when framing’ is enabled at 1% power so you can still see the framing;

enable laser fire button and laser on when firing buttons are not there.

also, when I push the button next to the green light on the xtool. It will etch the word HELLO. I don’t even have that in any saved work. this is an xtool question, but is there any why to clear its memory?

When setting up the device did you download and use the device setup file from XTool?

Instructions from the manufacturer are here:

I think the ‘HELLO’ is the last file on the memory card, you can probably delete that temporary .gcode file directly if you feel like you need to - if you have an SD card reader?

I don’t have an SD card ready and have no idea where to go to delete the temporary gcode.
sorry very new to lasers

I did download this from xtool’s site

Is there better lasers ? Is there better software? I am past the point of frustration.

I have spent the better part of this whole weekend trying to do anything on this laser.

zero support from xtool, zero support from Lightburn.

all I have right now is a boat anchor.

Is it the new update and the xtool D1? Again, no support so who knows. I don’t want to spend the money on another laser and have similar issues.

I can use xtool creative spaces, but it is very limited.

Hi Rich,

Ah, you may already be a step ahead of me, if you are using the ‘xTool’ device type instead of the standard ‘GRBL’ device type, these settings are probably already correct.

Please send a screenshot of your Edit > Device Settings.

Those settings look ok.

Do you see any error or alarm messages in the Console Window?

If so, please copy and paste them back to us.

No other errors

It frames the project, then nothing

Since this is an xtool D1 (older model)

I wonder if something in the Lightburn update in not compatible

Was your xTool working fine previously with LightBurn?

You could try this device setup file for the xTool D1 (not D1 Pro), it uses the standard GRBL device and may work better with your machine?

xTool_D1.lbdev (3.2 KB)