Nova 35 5 pin rotary HELP

So I’m stuck. I did the lightburn update the other day. I don’t know if the 2 are related or not. But now when I run a tumbler, I don’t seem to have any power. Meaning it’s not eating a away the coating very well.
I did a test yesterday on plywood… and killed it…
I tried mailing my pass on a cup and changed it from a red to a black, just to see if my setting where off somewhere and I missed something…

I’m stuck

“killed it” - Does that mean it broke, was damaged, or it worked as expected?

“I tried mailing my pass on a cup and changed it from a red to a black” - I recognize all of these words, but I have no idea what this means - can you explain that differently?

Brian and I got it…

It might be just me, but that last update not this new one. Had almost like flipped my power! Low power was a beast… and high was weak… It’s possible it’s just the machine.
On this . 11 update if you uninstall LB and install the new. How do you get the product key back?

The product key would have been sent to you in an email. The software will never show it to you, because LightBurn is used in schools and maker spaces that wouldn’t want their key shown to users.

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