Novice user: Unsuccessful attempt to create stair case railing

Reaching out to the group for assistance. I’m building a bird house that will be a replica of a friend’s home. i am looking to use Lightburn to create the porch railings and believe that I have this set. I’m struggling with the stair railings. Need top/ bottom railings to be 37 degrees, the balusters to be 90 degrees and the ends of top/bottom railings to also be 90 degrees. So cannot use the rectangle tool to create the top/bottom railings. Attempted to “build” the railings using the “line feature” however cannot get all four of the lines to connect as a shape. As a result, Lightburn will not allow me to attach the balusters using “boolean union”. Can someone please provide guidance on how to create railings at 37 degrees with 90 degree ends. Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise. Attached image of successful 90 degree railing and attempted 37 degree railing. Thanks, Steve

Like this?

You can grab the small square on right below the center square and it will keep ends at 90d.

Well the same as @Dskall , I used the arry function, the rotate function and the Boolean Assistant. Finally, some finishing touches.

Here is the file to play with. If you need a little more explanation, it will have to wait until early in the morning, I’m going to bed now, it’s a quarter past 1 in Northern Europe.

Stair-test.lbrn2 (53.1 KB)


Bernd, Thanks so much for the guidance as well as the file. I truly appreciate all you help. Steve

Dskall, Thanks so much for the guidance and example. Your suggestion worked perfectly. I truly appreciate all you help. Steve

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