Numbered Grid Pattern File

Does anyone have a numbered grid pattern file for the Ortur LM2?

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You can generate an Array and produce this yourself. Can you please show an example of what you’d like to produce and we might be able to offer you a suggested workflow to accomplish this.

Here’s a screen shot of what I made. I think i did it correctly but it might be too big for my laser. I’ll try to burn it onto a sheet of plywood later.
Thanks for your help

Yes, it does look larger than the LightBurn grid, assuming you set up the correct size (matching the physical size of your laser) in your ‘Device Profile’ in LightBurn.

This is the one I made for myself. Works great.
grid.lbrn (289.1 KB)

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I’m still building the workbench, but here’s the grid I made and burned onto an MDF panel. If you want the SVG file, so you can adapt it as needed, email me and I’m happy to share.


I would love a copy!

Look up to find the following with file attachment.

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Rick, thanks for your input, here’s the file I used.

I use center origins, and sometimes layout multiple projects, so “relative” positioning works better for me. When I need to get a little more precise, or need more accurate path alignment, I’ll then use a parallel ruler and step it off the visible lines. A little more work, to be sure, but that’s the engineer in me coming through.

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Thanks to everyone to has asked for the file, I really wasn’t expecting the response. I wanted to upload it here, but SVG files aren’t allowed.

However, someone suggested I use Google Drive, so here’s the link:

Bed Grid Idea FIle

Let me know if you can’t access it.


Thank you for the file. I am new to a laser and hopefully this will be a start. Thanks again