Numeric keypad numbers 1-9 move head to X0, YO only

When attempting to use the numeric keypad to move laser head, I get only one laser head movement, it moves to X0, Y0 (front left corner) . This is the same for 1-4 and 6-9, numbers lock is on… Keypad will do nothing else. In Carbide Motion the keypad works only when numbers lock is off.
Also, if I turn jog on and restart LB the step movement doesn’t work properly, if I turn off jog but do not restart the step movement and jog work fine.

J-Tech laser on shapeoko 3 XXL.
GRBL 1.1 f
Crappy Lenovo Ideapad 110

I tried a Logitech keyboard and had the same results.
Thanks for any ideas. I’m probably missing something very simple.
Forgot to add running windows 10 all updates as far as I know.
Running latest LB.

Have you zero’d the machine to the front-left of the workspace?

Typically there’s a macro you set up that does the required workspace offset, $10 and $32 settings.

Yes, but I didn’t set $10 or $32 in the two macros. I also need to set “status: show buffer data $10” to be true in cnc mode and false in laser mode. Is there a way to set this in the macro? It is listed as $10 but doesn’t change when $10 is changed in the macro.

Minor issue to change, just need to make a note to remember to change when shifting between cnc and laser mode.
Thank you very much for the help, I should have seen the enable laser but did not. I didn’t know about the $10 either. An easy fix once you showed me the link.

Ok, all is working now except I am unable to adjust the z axis from the numeric keypad. I am guessing that is not available.

For those that are using Shapeoko 3 XXL with J-TECH laser here is what is working for me. I set up two macros as follows:


How long ago did you set up LightBurn? It should have offered the option to set those up for you when you first set up the machine, but this is a more recent addition to the software (probably within the last 6 months)

I set up lightburn a few months ago, but never looked into using the numeric keypad for movement. So it worked for what I was doing. I just upgraded my Shapeoko to an XXL. I’ve never used the cnc router, so I was trying to get both to function correctly.

The only issue now is that I cannot use the numeric keypad to move the z axis (as far as I know) . This is actually the main reason I want to use the keypad. I generally adjust the z position on each tile I engrave and it gets tedious.

I am looking for a wireless solution for the move functions (numeric keypad, keyboard or game controller).

Again thanks for you help.


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