Numerical edits is in right to left orientation

I opened lightburn and all the font was extremely small. I figured that out and then noticed my numerical edits for the size of shapes is reading right to left. my read text right to left button isn’t selected. How do I put it back to where I can see the whole numbers on the left and not the decimals on the right?

Please show us what you are seeing with screenshots. The setting for ‘Enable Right-To-Left text support’ is for text objects drawn in your workspace only, and have nothing to do with numerical controls or entry boxes in LightBurn. Which OS and OS version are you running? :slight_smile:

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I see that the upper-left edit boxes are a bit squashed. You can resize this section of the toolbar to help see all data clearly. Grab the dotted line and slide to the right to make bigger. You can undock windows and toolbars to rearrange as you’d like for your desired workflow. If you want things back the way you started, choose the ‘Window’ menu, then ‘Reset to Default Layout’.


Here I show some of the UI undocked and pulled to the center of my screen to demonstrate how you can snap / dock a window or menu in different parts of the main UI so fit your flow best.

A bit dated, but still relevant,

And this is worth review, Beginner Walkthrough - LightBurn Software Documentation

I slid the bar to the right all the way over and it didn’t change the orientation of the numerical edits. Also, now every time I open lightburn the text is extremely small and when I look in the settings it is still set to 20 but the text is on the smallest setting on the layout

I restarted my computer and now the problem is gone. Thanks Rick, for the help and all the info

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I know someone that the same issue a few days back but strangely their text/numerals was too big, no matter what was adjusted in LB or Windows. He said it resolved after 3 restarts.

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Hey Rick on a sidenote I spotted your Patterns library in the screenshot. Looks very useful. Is there any chance this is shareable, if you are willing and is open-source?

Soon-ish, or at least this is our plan. This is a beta release I am testing and have been playing with this ‘Patterns’ library. Team has been building some of these with the intent to make public at some point in the not too distant future. Best I can offer for release…soon-ish. :wink:

Great! No worries at all

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