NWT method. Painted with oil based transparent colors

Not my best work painting, but I enjoy the challenge. Ran out of time tonight, I may redo it all tomorrow. I’m pretty sure this is a free image, in either case, it’s a gift. I’ve literally never made a penny at this. This is on a 6x8" tile. 4 hr burn (sigh).

It was on a sculpfun s10 module. 1400 mm/min. 65% power. 318 dpi. My computer locked up after the burn or I would have SS the original pic with the modifications I made. It wasn’t alot…just a bit of enhancement. 1st pic is tile after burn, 2nd is after cleaning, 3rd is after painting. Not great, but getting there…I think.


I have to say I really like it :slight_smile:

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Looks pretty dang good to me. Keep it up !!!

Esta genial
¿Qué técnica y herramientas has utilizado para darle color?

Transparent oil based paints applied by hand with brushes. I used laquer thinner to remove ‘mistakes’.