Object alignment with bed

I’ve just setup with lightburn demo and it’s really improved since I tried it a long time ago - it self configured great and appears to be controlling the laser fine - so I’ll probably be buying a licence shortly!

My laser sits top let of the bed. I selected top left in the setup. The green dot (which I assume is the homed position of the laser) shows top left on the plot. I drew a circle to left, pressed go and… the laser tracked to bottom left of the bed and drew a circle. I didn’t want to do too much more because I’ve just got it out of storage and I couldn’t find the fan.

Any ideas? I think it’s flipped the x-axis.

The green dot is the “Job Origin” indicator and represents the position of the laser when you start the job. This is different than the red dot “Machine Origin” indicator set in the ‘Device Settings’ window. This is not the same as your “Home Location”.

Have a look at this video for a bit deeper explanation. You may notice some things look a little different (was created back in March 2018 when 6.03 was the current release), but the concepts remain the same.

I tried to cut again, objects appear inverted on the Y axis. Homes fine - is there an option to invert the Y axis?

Then about 4 minutes into the job the laser stopped responding and froze. My firmware for the cohesion3D is a bit old. Is there better hardware to use?

Which Cohesion3D Board do you have and how long ago did you get it?

The origin for a C3D should be front left.

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