Object Dimensions

Hello when I have a rectangle 6mmx3mm positioned in a complex design like example boxes tabs holes etc.

If an object is rotated by any degrees , how do i change it’s dimensions from 6 to 5mm or whatever i want .

And another question is how i rotate objects back to 0 degrees in x or y axis?

Thank you

Good question. I have had same problems. Once you grab and change angles all bets seem to be off for getting things back to horizonal or vertical.

Just wanted to upload exact the same questions! The only solution I know is editing the object in the shape properties NOT in Numeric Section ( these are the values of the bounding box not of the object).

I have no knowledge of a graphical solution.

Rotating an object twice to a specific angle by numerical edit: I don’t know. It seems that the object does not remember its angle on the working area.
Graphically you can try to use → Arrange → Two Point Rotate.

Greetings wogl

Use the Node Edits tool, select the shape, place the mouse pointer over the line segment that you want horizontal, then push ‘A’ on the keyboard to “align” the shape …

I think it snaps to the closes 45 deg position… I have to drag mine back close to use A in node edit.

If I remember correctly, I found that it was off center. When I rotated it, when it’s object origin was in the center, it rotated fine.

When I used the A option in node edit, it returned off center… it would have to know how you did this to work.


This solves the dimension problem anyway.

So, the rotate function also works in node edit mode. When it aligns to 45 you can change it too horizontal. Learn something everyday.

thanks for the rotation tip , very usefull.

It would be nice however to have additional object dimensions window for quick changes.

I actually didn’t notice that. I’m assuming that the function is not meant to behave this way, it makes it less useful in any case (in my opinion).

It would be nice if you could click on workspace border and align horizontal of vertical.

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