Object Framing vs Etching Size

We have an issue between setting the Frame and engraving an image. We have a rudia 64XXX controller with a Rotoboss rotary head we are trying to engrave a bottle that has a 9 in circumference neck that is resting on the rotary head and the main body is 15.5 inches in circumference. When I change the steps per rotation to complete one rotation of the bottle the test image is stretched by 5/16ths of an inch more along the Y axis. When I calibrate the axis to compensate and make the test image the correct scale the frame comes up short.

I have calibrated the axis with the rotary off, it burned the 1x1in test image correctly, but if i try to frame it with the rotary off I get frame slop error and when i enable the rotary it acts like i never changed the settings. I have cleared the controllers memory because i’ve heard it might frame to a previous job.

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