Object/node nudge distance setting

Is there a way to change nudge distance without going into menus ? Something i missed or there is no option to do that on a tool bar ?

I work in coreldraw and it has a toolbar that allows me to change how much object/node moves by using cursor keys (half/double modifiers apply automatically), while if i need to do something similar in LB i go to settings page to adjust.

This is what it looks on main cdr page, change the number and it applies to unmodified cursor motion distance, and automatically halves/doubles if using with CTRL/SHIFT.

I may be ignorant of this option in LB, or if its not there can it be implemented ?
I do a lot of friction fit things with very tight fitting joints and have to nudge a lot. Going back and forth between LB and corel in this stage is a bit tedious. Especially after i setup layers and get ready to cut and find a mistake or need to do a quick adjust (which usually means a lot of slots need to be node edited to different distances)…

Would the Kerf Offset do the trick?

I don’t think you can change the nudge amount without going to settings, but you do have the ctrl / shift modifiers for your nudge arrows. Set the Ctrl-arrow number to something small enough to suit you.


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@dvdlock this is not a kerf issue, i use kerf globally to make fits very tight, but if there is even a slight error in individual slots - things will not fit. Plus, on occasion i need to edit slot dimensions due to inconsistency of material i cut.

@Hank yes i’m aware of the setting in the LB options, but when i need to adjust multiple things at multiple distances it becomes tedious. In CDR i just change the number on top toolbar to my needs and use CTRL/SHIFT to half/double that distance.

Having a toolbar setting is a “quality of life” sort of thing, but absence of it in LB often forces me to go back to CDR to do adjustments.

You could add this to our official Suggestion Site [<- click here] so folks can vote for adding this to LightBurn. :slight_smile:

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