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So I was watching a video that other day and someone had used the object properties to change information. So I was working on and object and wanted it to burn lighter and use the same layer. It was at 35% at 350 (layer) to burn nice and dark and I set the object to 20% power. and in the settings for the layer I gave it max power of 35 and min of 15. When I burned the project it all came out at 20. Am I misunderstanding what the power in the object propertied is used for or am I not setting something up correctly?

The power scale value is used to adjust the power between the Min power and Max power set in your layer. So a power scale value of 50% means “half way from Min power to Max power”. If you set Min and Max power to the same value, the output won’t change.

I’m basically hijacking the controller’s way of doing grayscale image output (used for 3d / varying depth) and using for generic shapes instead, but you need to give it a range to work within.

Not sure what you were reading, thr layer had a max of 35 and a min of 20 not the same. Or am I misunderstanding you

I mis-read your post - Where you said “…and a min of 15” I thought you meant speed.

When you wrote “the project all came out at 20” - what do you mean? 20 what?

If you had a Min of 15% and a Max of 35%, 20% of the way from min to max is 19% power. (35 - 15 is 20 - IE, there’s a range of 20% between the start and end. 20% of that range is 4, and 15 + 4 is 19).

If you mean it all came out as though you ran it at 20%, it sounds like it did what you asked it to.

I meant the objects on the same layer all came out at the lower power. at 20% instead of the one coming out at 35% and the other object coming out at 20%

Please post this LBRN file for review.

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