Objects disappeared after computer crashed

My computer crashed the other day (while editing a file on lightburn) and after restarting it…my file is not loading properly… months worth of work/objects and setups disappeared … it appears like the file has reverted to some version from months ago and all my work is gone. I am seeing all the work in the thumbnail (under explorer) but not when I load the file …. Please help. Showing the thumbnail image vs what loads


My advice is to turn off auto save.

The only issues I’ve ever had with LB and large files is it hanging (and crashing sometimes) when it tries to auto save. No idea why as if I CTRL+S so save manually it works instantly and no problems.

With the file you have I believe (don’t know where) but there should be back up files somewhere.

I have seen backup files in the same folder as the file you are working on, names _backup.lbrn2. You can check if there are any there. Also, the lbrn2 file is a text XML file. You can edit the lbrn2 file and see if your components are there, just not being displayed because of some corruption. If so, perhaps you can remove the offending part, or correct it.

Searched high and low …no backup :(. It was a large file yes. i kept telling myself to split it but got really busy with life. Its not the first time lightburn crashed on me but first time it caused a full machine freeze. I think you are right on the money… i believe its auto save… makes sense. I’ll disable it as i automatically hit ctrl+s anyway (force of habit)

The part that sucks most …. Its going to be a busy weekend recreating lost work

I looked at the xml file (thank you i totally forgot it was an option) and all those parts I am not seeing are missing. I was hoping a quick xml validation would help resolve it … obviously not… but at least I am now certain my work is lost and not just a screwed up file not loading properly. Time to move away from investigation into a resolution which is recreating the lost work. Thank you for mentioning xml at least it saved me time chasing my tail.

The only confusion is the thumbnail image showing recent work but windows must be storing that based on last successful save which threw me off.

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