Objects from lightburn are skewed when I laser them

My apologies if this has been asked or dealt with…I searched and didn’t find anything. I have been engraving tumblers for a little bit now without issue and tonight I don’t know what setting I messed up but what’s coming out now in no way matches my object in the software.the object or letters are skewed and elongated? …I’m running the latest lightburn on an Xtool D1 Pro 20w with the RA2 rotary with the chuck. Everything was working and then I did some fine tuning so I know it’s a setting I messed up but I just can’t seem to figure out which one.

Rotary setup for chuck is 128 mm per rotation, tested and works.
Proper diameter for test mug is correct
Setting are what I’ve always used inches/mm/sec
Here’s a typical setting for tumblers

Example size is Width:.6004 inches and Height: .4562

How is this orientated in your machine. Is the faster axes doing most of the work?

Generally the mug or object runs along the X axes, it is usually the fastest of the two. That make the mugs vertical center along the X axes. Is that what you have?

Here’s an old video of a mug with a roller, but the idea is the same.

I assume is this two different runs or?


It’s oriented in the software that way to go on the mug as you see in the left photo. The tool profile burns/engraves on the Y axis. As I have done a little more digging today I might have it figured Like I predicted it’s user(ME)error! I am not at my machine right now but my theory is I juxtaposed my measurements in the “diameter” and “circumference” settings in the “rotary setup” window, which would account for the narrowness on the Y axis…A BIG Thanks to the Lightburn support folks who replied to my email with some suggestions that lead to(hopefully) find how I screwed it up.

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