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Hi, I’m new to laser and lightburn and I’m really just trying to learn how to do everything and so I have a friend who has a logo that I’m trying to modify for engraving. There are some letters going through a guitar and some other misc shapes. The letters are filled so is there a way to remove unwanted and redundant shapes within the letters without removing the rest of the shape on the outside of the letters. The cut shape tool doesn’t seem to be working the way I thought it would. there might even be a forum already on this but wasn’t sure how to even search for it. any help is much appreciated.
avery and davis test.lbrn2 (321.2 KB)

Best if you can post file to look at.

The Boolean operations and/or Cut Shapes tool (perhaps with an adjustment to how you’re using it now) are likely what you’ll need to use for this. If you post the .lbrn2 file you’re working with here, we’ve got lots of helpful forum members who will be happy to give more direct advice — I will too, but others might beat me to it :slight_smile:

thank you. I meant to add the file with the original post. it is there now.

Is this what you want?

so inside the V, I, T, and A, I want to remove all the misc pieces inside those as the letters will be Fill and not line. They are, in my mind redundant to have inside there if the letters are fill anyway. maybe its not even a big deal and I’m thinking too deep into it. I haven’t tried engraving it yet.

I used ‘Cut Shapes’ to produce the following. Grouped all the text, and made the guitar a group as well. Used the outermost guitar shape as the cutter.

avery and davis test02.lbrn2 (464.8 KB)

I think he wants it the other way with nothing in the letters
Node edit is all I can think of, but must be an easy way I haven’t thought of yet.
Or can you just use letters to cut?

Ah, ok. One sec…

Update: Group text and duplicate. Select the original text group and the Guitar group, then Boolean Subtract.

ok that looks pretty close. The letters are in front of the guitar on his logo though.

Ok can be done with cut function but was tedious for me, and this is all I have so far. Node edit might be faster.

cool so it can be done. i’ve been messing with it for a couple weeks and you all got further than I did in a couple hours. ill just keep messing around with it. this is why I wanted his logo though. figured this would teach me a bunch about this software.

@craville, I was able to accomplish using Boolean Subtract. I duplicated the text because the original test will disappear once Boolean is used. The duplicate adds back this text. :slight_smile:

ok i didn’t think of duplicating. i will give that a try. Thank you all.

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Please come back and share what you come up with as well. And mark the solution ‘Solved’ when you find one that produces the results that work for you. :slight_smile:

There is a lot of grouping and ungrouping and duplicating. Make sure your cut piece is just one shape at a time. Don’t include the piece in the A of the av in Dave.

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@Rick, I do see the benefit of the Boolean subtract as it at least closes off the shapes but maybe in this case that is not necessary. @Dskall, I think my biggest issue was trying to select too many things at once and using the cut shapes tool, also with the boolean subtract. Anyway both of those tools helped tremendously. never would have thought to make so many duplicates in order to complete this task. all in all maybe doing all that isn’t even required but it was more or less so that I can learn what the software can do. Thanks alot all that chipped in.

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If you left it the way it was you would have both in your letter engraving.

since everyone here was so helpful, figured I’d share the result on a piece of wood


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