Objects not to size

I have a metal tag that is 2" x 4". In order to make the red preview light to match that tag size I have to make the box in Lightburn 4.518" x 2.272". Is there a reason why the tag size (2" x 4") is not matching the dimensions in Lightburn? I have used that tag size in Ezcad many times and don’t have those issues there.

Something is not configured correctly. This should work…

Might mention what kind of machine you are dealing with. It’s hard to guess from your profile and hard to give much of an answer.


I have a 30w Raycus with a 200mm lens. In Ezcad, the field size for the 200m lens is set at 237.8 and it works fine, but in Lightburn I have to enter the field size of 211.5 to make the 2"x4" box size work.

I don’t own one of those animals, but I saw something about a way to have ezcad, I think export the values… Maybe someone that deals with these can help you more. So far the exceed my pocketbook…

Good luck


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