Occasionaly halfway thru laser engraving, the laser shifts left an inch or so

photo attached
please help

You’re losing steps somehow. Either belts are slipping or possibly pinion is slipping on stepper shaft. Focus on X-axis.

Triple check belt tension. Remove all slack. Belts should be taught but not stretched.

It’s also possible that you’re trying to go too fast and steppers can’t keep up. What speed was this set to? Include units please.

my speed is typically always at 525
and everything is tight
If I shut down my laser and disconnect from my laptop, then restart my laptop, then plug in usb from laser, then turn laser on, then open lightburn on laptop, “most of the time” this doesn’t happen
If I’ve been engraving a lot of boards, one after the other, usually this doesn’t happen either. It’s really just random when it does

525 at what units?

Can you specify what exactly you’ve checked for?

Are you observing the burn when this occurs? Anything of note when this happens? Any change in sound, warning message, anything at all?

This isn’t a small shift. It’s pretty sizable so something significant would cause this. It looks like there’s a small shift along the Y-axis as well.

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