Odd case of text disappearing

Version 0.9.08 on Windows 10

I have a file that I have been using for production. It has been working perfectly … till now

I have customized text that add to each ornament at the bottom. Now when I go to move the grouped vectors the line of text at the bottom (with the name) will disappear.

The text is just straight text, not even converted to a path, not made to follow a path, just plain text moved in to place

If I even click the scroll wheel one notch of magnification some names disappear, then when I click the scroll wheel one notch back to the original magnification the names come back. What is going on and how do I make it stop?

If I zoom in a little more I start to see this, where the boundary box for the text appears to be offset from the actual text when I try to select the text

Version 0.9.08 is the issue. 9.09 fixed this. It’s not a permanent thing in the file - it’s to do with grouped text bounds and interactions with the new snapping code, and code changed to deal with text on a path in groups. It was tricky to find.

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Thanks I will load the new version

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