Odd changing of Arc's when exporting to DXF

When exporting to DXF I noticed the following issue in the latest version. Seems where they are not linked to another node, the always face inwards and not outwards. I can send an file for testing the export feature where this occurs, if required. I have experienced this on other files doing a DXF export too. I often get send files in CDR format, I then Convert to AI files, then import them into Lightburn, from there sometime I want to modify and then export it to DXF for modification in AutoCAD.

This is a known issue which IIRC has either been fixed for the next release or is being worked on.

As a potential workaround until the fix is released note that I believe this behavior only exists for devices setup with machine origin at top-left.

So you could setup a device with different origin to export from. Or temporarily change the origin on your current device and flip the design before exporting.

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