Odd communication-Lightburn and C3d Laserboard

Hope you all can guide me in the right diection…
I have a K40 with C3d Laserboard and Lightburn.
I installed a couple of days ago and just briefly checked to see that the C3d was working …drew a square and cut it, alls fine. Replaced my mirrors and tried Lightburn again. Heres is where its strange. I can cut circles and squares/ retangles. If I try Text it will only cut a portion of the text. If I import an .svg file it starts and immediately homes with out completing the graphic.As if I was loosing communication. I have a new USB cable purchased from Cohesion3d.I am toldly at a loss if Im doing something wrong.
Input would surly be appreciated.

This is not totally uncommon with the C3D board, but it’s almost always due to grounding or power noise - the board homing is it powering down briefly and reconnecting. Make sure that the K40 is grounded properly (the ground wire inside the case should be touching metal, not paint). Start with that, and follow up with C3D on their forum - they’ll have suggestions and ways to troubleshoot as well.

Thanks for responding I will double check my ground

Oz…Thank you
2 new circuits and 1 new earth ground… Now Im rocking.great support

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