Odd issue with new tube - offset "correct", but still off in places

Bought a new more powerful tube, adjusted the offset to make sure it was all good. And for good measure, I cleaned the laser too.

Now though, when engraving It occasionally overshoots. It also seems to be overshooting in the same place on the artwork

I’m unsure what the issue is - it could be that somehow I overcleaned it and the rails need lubrication (do they!? - it’s an orange Chinese laser)

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Considering you did not have this issue until you changed the tube, what you’re describing is likely due to problems with your optical alignment. That appears to be reflection on the cone.

Test this theory by removing the cone and running that job.

But now that I look at your pictures closer, I’m also wondering if all you need is a good pre-sanding of the wood before lasering.

What I see pictured appears to be wicked burning. That is common in rough finished material.

Sanding the material, vacuuming the dust away from the surface, and applying a paper tape mask may be all you need.

that’s a fab idea, that I had not considered. Unfortunately, it made little difference :frowning:

But there is definitely something strange going on

Check out this

3 identical rectangles - the only difference is the speed of the laser

From left to right - 50mm/sec 100mm/sec 150mm/sec

50mm/sec - is just strange, very few lines are actually parallel, all at an angle, many wobbly

100mm/sec - like 50 but not as bad

150mm/sec - The best, but on close inspection, it’s still not correct

On all of these, the lines are not equally spaced either, they are close but not perfect.


Well I feel stupid!

I think Ive solved the issue - my lens was not sitting snugly, and was wobbling aroiund with everty change of directiion!

It now seems to be working fine - though Im going to do some more testing.

Its a constant learning experiance thats for sure!

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