Odd transverse lines?


Anyone have any idea whats going on with all the transverse movement on the right hand side of the image? There is nothing there in the image so not sure why it is doing that…

I have the “tree” set as one layer and the text set as another so that the text is in a darker/sharper burn.

There may be something wrong with your file, try submitting it here for inspection.

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If it’s an image issue I might be able to get a vector image from the customer. If not I can hopefully get a crisp enough image if I convert it to a vector file of some kind. I have Paint Shop Pro on one of my computers so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Did you set it as a Threshold, or did you have one of the dithering modes enabled?

I ended up redoing the images and it got rid of all the extra movements. I have it on dithering, but will try threshold tomorrow.

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