Offline activation of SSD transplanted machine

My old laser laptop is dying, but due to certain circumstances i’d like to avoid full reinstall/reactivation.

I run old win10 os because i use old wide printer that only has custom drivers that wont work on updated win10, and its difficult to make to work as is… I cannot connect said laptop to the net because even tiniest mandatory updates break said driver. Uninstalling updates doesn’t un-break the driver… (HP and their bs as per usual…)

I hope to transplant the SSD of the dying laptop into healthy one, but since its different hardware it will most likely break activation.

Anyone done transplant like this with LB in mind ? How’d it go ?

As for fresh install, i may have lost the old win10 install media in the house move and not sure i want to go about trial and error on which versions work…

Any idea how to best go about this ?

I am really trying to think of a reason why you want to avoid reactivating lightburn.
Especially with the license portal!

Small effort, lots of fun! :slight_smile:

You do not need to uninstall LightBurn, just deactivate the key, then reactivate once you sort the computer with the new one. Use the License Portal to do so. :slight_smile:

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