Offset and Console Problems Lightburn and X Carve

Hello. Probably a common beginners problem but I searched the forums and couldn’t find a solution, so here it is: Just got the Jtech 7W laser working yesterday and tried a few easy burns, no problem. During my first somewhat involved burn on a template of a dice tower for gaming, most of the burn was fine, but there were a few portions that were offse. I am confused by why only a few portions are offset. Separately, I also managed to mess up my console commands by over zealous editing and have been trying to fix that, so any help would be appreciated. Finally, when I use the move feature of Lightburn prior to actually burning the image, the acceleration is very slow and seems labored. Again, I suspect a lot of my problems are the screwups I did in the console. Jtech 7w, Lightburn, X Carve 750, GRBL1.1G.

$0=10 $1=25 $2=0 $3=3 $4=0 $5=0 $6=0 $10=0 $11=0.010 $12=0.002 $13=0 $20=0 $21=0 $22=1 $23=3 $24=25.000 $25=500.000 $26=250 $27=1.000 $30=255 $31=0 $32=1 $100=40.054 $101=40.054 $102=188.976 $110=5000.000 $111=5000.000 $112=1000.000 $120=200.000 $121=100.000 $122=100.000 $130=290.000 $131=290.000 $132=200.000 Can I attach pictures? Thanks!

This is a good resource worth review as a starter. After you have, post back with any further details. Common GRBL/GCode Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation In particular, there is a section for XCarve setup.

Your system Copy & Paste works. Just paste the image inline and it should work.

You can also hit this to upload images: image

Thanks for the info. I’ll post again if I can’t figure it out!

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