Offset Closes Lightburn

I have one file that, for whatever reason, closes Lightburn every time I try to offset the whole project. It keeps doing it every time but it doesn’t do it on another file that I created before. Any suggestions?

Post here or if personal / private, send to support at lightburnsoftware dot com and we can take a look.

I can show you a video. I have a project that, every single time I try to offset, it closes. I tried copying the image into a new project and it still doesn’t work. It doesn’t close it on any other things I work on so I think it must be something in this particular project. It is nothing fancy, just a Christmas ornament. I can send a video and show you.

This is why I asked to see the file itself.

Sorry, I’m new to Lightburn. How do I send you the file?

Save the file, then post here using this button while typing here on the forum.: image

This window will open giving you some choices as to what you want to upload.

This is not something you do “IN” LightBurn. :wink:

It will not allow me to upload the file. It says it is too large. It is literally one small image. Very frustrating.

Email it to with a link to this thread. If it’s too large to attach here, there must be something funky about it, so I’m curious to see what it is.

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