Offset fill making some areas solid black

New Lightburn user here. I have a vector file that I’d like to burn using offset fill, but the preview shows that some areas with scattered black segments are coming out solid black. If I use regular fill, the areas appear as expected. What settings might help get the correct output with offset fill?


Offset fill preview:

Regular fill preview:

Post your work file here so we can look at it. Offset fill and fill should get the same results.

use the image button to upload here.

It contains licensed artwork, so I’d rather not post it publicly.

This issue was with SVG artwork. I just tried it with the accompanying DXF artwork and it previews correctly with outline fill. Maybe the SVG has an error in it?

My crystal ball is broken. Sorry, can’t help much more without an example of the problem.

Try to Remove Duplicate shapes. My last guess.

I don’t know what I did wrong the first time, but I tried importing the SVG into a fresh project and outline fill worked as it should. I did notice that generating the outline fills for the SVG takes considerably more time than for the DXF.

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