Offset for Z sensor ("Focus")

Is it possible to set an X and Y offset in the software so it can move the head accordingly, so the Z-sensor (for focussing) will be where the head was pointing for focus, and then move back?

Most of the time it is fine to be “in the neightborhood”, but sometimes (when dealing with uneven objects, or even a rotary) you need to have it at an exact spot…

(And if there isn’t, would that be something that could be added?)

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I honestly have no idea what you just said. I understood each word on its own. but not how you’ve arranged them here. :slight_smile:

If you need the software to move to an exact location, you can enter that in the Move window - is that what you’re looking for?

The Z sensor on the head, which is used for ensuring the correct distance between head and material (ie focus), is X mm left/right (depending on machine) of the actual laser point and Y mm up/down from it.

When you are working on a flat sheet, that XxY mm offset between laser focus point and Z sensor is not an issue, but when you are working with other objects, you may want to have the Z-sensor positioned at the specific point where your head (or more importantly, the laser focal point) is at instead while doing the Z-axis zeroing (focus). So you’d have to do a relative move of X mm left/right and Y mm forward/backward, focus, and then move the head back… It’d be nice if those X and Y could be entered in the software, so it can do that relative movement (and back) automatically when you go to focus the machine…

(Does that make more sense?)

(Sorry, it’s 1:17 AM here, I should be in bed, not rambling techy questions on here!)

That makes much more sense, yes. :slight_smile: If you enter that exact text into our suggestion site it will help make sure it doesn’t get lost, but I understand the suggestion, and think it’s reasonable, and probably relatively easy.

Looks like someone already asked for that here:

Added a comment to check that is actually what he meant (before I add my vote)…